Phoenix bail bonds & Drug Offenses

Phoenix bail bonds & Drug Offenses

Only cash Phoenix Bail Bonds can be used in case if the offenders have found indulge in any malpractice associated to the drugs. However, a surety bond many be assigned in some cases just like possession of marijuana or paraphernalia. Drug charges of more serious nature requires the posting of cash only. It’s because the authorities do believe that serious drug charges usually end up in prison times and there is nothing that can beat the hard cash in these cases. In addition to this, drugs are usually attributed with money. We all know it is a multibillion industry when it comes about the drug trafficking. Follow drug related offenses generally require a cash based bail bond’

  • Transportation of narcotics just like marijuana
  • Sale and purchase of narcotics
  • Conspiracies
  • Gang activities on the street
  • Drug charge combined with a weapon offense
  • Selling of prohibited drugs to a covert agent
  • The use of electronic communication in a drug offense
  • Money Laundering
  • Manufacturing, processing and trade of narcotics or other dangerous drugs
  • Drug offenses committed in a school zone marked as “drug free”

It is necessary by law that the cash bonds for drug charges should be posted with traceable, clean and legitimate money in case if you are willing to get it back. It is a common practice for the county attorney to check the posting of the larger bonds, or to arrange a Nebbia Hearing before the release of the accused. Thus, you as an offender should rely upon cash-only Phoenix Bail Bond Agents for arranging your bail bonds.

Remember, using services of agents who manage their services by lending money from undocumented outside lenders is not a good choice. In this case a chance of getting your bail rejected remains intact.

What is Nebbia Hearing?

At times, the County Attorney may ask the accused and co-signers of the bonds to disclose trail of money consumed to make payment for the premium, before release. Everyone including the accused offender and other co-signers then must prove that the money and collateral are obtained from legal sources. Following are some documents a court may ask for and consider in determining the sources of the money;

  • Tax Returns
  • Accounting Documents
  • Testimony
  • Business Records
  • Bank Statements

The consequences of Failure to Appear

The court takes it as a slap in the face when an accused individual (on bail) fails to appear on the scheduled hearing. Warrants are immediately issued and as cash bail bonds usually. It is considered as one of the most common cause for bond forfeiture and bail bondsman always remain concerned about it. In fact, this phenomenon is the one that lead to the birth of bail bond industry. Otherwise, there would be no requirement of bail bonds. The court, uses this option to ensure that the person accused will appear before it whenever he or she will be asked to do so. In short, a failure to appear will bring its own consequences and it is an offense within itself.

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