News: Arizona Seeking Bail Reforms

News: Arizona Seeking Bail Reforms

Last week turned out to be an important one for those who are connected with the judicial system in one way or another. We cannot deny the important role being played by the bail bond agents here in this state and in other parts of the country as well. According to the reports bail bondsman are anxious there as the state`s supreme court has asked lower judiciary for a minimization in cash based bail bonds.

The highest court of the state have urged the judges to rely on personal risk factors of those who are accused to determine whether they are suitable to be released on bail or not. This, definitely is going to prove itself as a game changer. There are several pressure groups who are supporting bail bond reforms. Their stance is clear and according to them, the current bail bond system emplace is somehow not fit to be carried.

It is a matter of fact that several low-profile accused are facing jails as they are not rich enough to post their bails. While on the other hand a large number of high-risk rich defendants are out of the jail as they have the financial tendency to post posts.

This move, if got enough attention and application is definitely going to revive the existing criminal justice system in the State of Arizona. On the other hand, state`s bail bondman are not very happy at all. For sure, it is going to bring a very negative impact on their business. A vast majority of accused is used to engage bail agents for ensuring their release as they cannot post their bail amount on their own. Each time when a bail is posted through a bail bondsman a good 10% of the total amount is paid to them on account of premium.

According to the experts from Arizona, people accused of less critical charges will now be able to enjoy release on their own recognizance more often or on a bail bond of a few hundred dollars. It is the thing that is haunting bail bondman of the State.

Understandably, its lower middle class from where they are used to get more of their business. However, in broader picture this move is going to cause a huge difference. With the passage of time the need of a comprehensive transform in the existing bail systems across the country is getting clearers.

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