A discussion about, Release on Citation

A discussion about, Release on Citation

 The bail process and getting yourself out of jail is usually considered as a difficult process. There are several types of bail bonds available and as an accused you have to choose the best suitable one for yourself. Usually, legal experts come with a better knowledge and practical experience about these affairs. However, hiring them is something quite costly. On the other hand you can get this job done with the help of a bail bondsman as well. Today, we have decided to share some useful knowledge and information about our readers. This post is all about the 7 types of Bail Bonds and the way they are obtained.

 Citation Release

Well, let us tell you – it is the finest one to proceed with for acquiring a bail. In short, it means that the accused never went into custody. Release on citation is usually offered to the suspects of low degree crimes and who don’t possess a bad record. A release on citation actually means that the suspect is not carried to the prison or jail after an arrest. The involved individual is generally issued a citation and is allowed to leave for home with the commitment of showing up before the relevant court later. It’s just a written notice and the accused is released at the scene from where he or she is arrested.

Why and when this option is used?

Police usually used this option when;

  •  The accused possess a non-violent behavior
  • He or she pose zero risk to the society
  • The accused do not have a criminal background
  • It is a good way of lowering down the burden on jail and court system

What if Release on Citation is denied?

Let us be very clear. When a person accused of committing a crime is taken to the local jail, then this kind of bail cannot be availed. In short, this option works only in the cases where an arrest is not made and declared formally. However, there are certain kind of options that remains available. You can contact a bail bondsman in case if you do not have the required cash to post your bail.

The Pros of Posting a Bail

Well, posting a bail is much better than staying in jail. It allows the accused to go out and to choose a quality attorney. Posting a bail can also save you a lot of time. It is sad but a fact that a defendant usually waits for weeks and months before appearing before a court for the first time. Later dates are scheduled by the court while they keep an eye on several aspects. So, don’t waste your time and proceed with posting a bail straightaway

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