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3 Bail Bonds for Every Situation

Here are the three types of Bail Bonds that are potent enough to assist you with your bail in almost every situation

Recognizance Bond

At times a court possibly (in some states) may possibly accept your bail without paying any money on behalf of your promise to get back for your hearing. It is up to the court whether they consider you eligible for a signature bond or not.


Cash Bail

If you are an accused and waiting for your trial to begin than the cash bail is the most straightforward option available for you. However, for availing this option you should have the total amount of bail available. The cost of your bail is something that depends upon several things including your legal history and the circumstances in which you were arrested. If you don’t know where to start than a bail bails bondman can provide you with the required assistance.

Surety Bond or Bail Bond

Well, this option is an ideal one for those who don’t have enough cash available to pay their bail. With the help of a surety bond, you can have a bail secured by paying just 10% of the total bail amount to a bail bondsman. Any one of your family members or friends can reach out to a bail agent on your behalf to secure the surety bond necessary.

By Law being "Accused" or "Defendant" you can use several options to avoid prison

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Seven Types of Bail Bonds

Citation Release

Recognizance Release

Cash Bail

Surety Bond

Property Bond

Federal Bail Bonds

Immigration Bail Bond

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